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    Help is quickly at hand if your pump system fails: Fonda Pump Service Partners. Strong technical team work ensures professional service on site in building services and special industrial applications.

    The service network for your pump systems: FONDA PUMPS Service Partners
    When pump systems fail, quick and comprehensive help is crucial. FONDA PUMPS customers can put their trust in FONDA PUMPS Service Partners who offer a high level of professional expertise.
    A network of service companies ensures complete coverage for the provision of service for pumps and automation products in building services systems and special industrial applications.
    Be it a single-family home or office building, water supply or waste water disposal, heating systems or irrigation systems, in all of these situations our Service Partners’ staff, who are all trained to FONDA PUMPS standards, will quickly provide expert help. FONDA PUMPS regularly trains its Service Partners so that they know every pump set right down to the smallest detail. This is how we keep our Service Partners up to date about hydraulic systems as well as mechanical and electronic components.

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